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Alternative Designs Are not Accepted, Just Put Them in a Folder or What Can We Do?

Earn money from alternative designs

Hello, Readers! There is an original Indonesian platform that is ready to help you become a successful creative fighter. HiDimas, aka Hightech Digital Market Store, is the first creative marketplace in Indonesia that focuses on buying and selling creative assets.

No need to bother with transactions abroad, at HiDimas you can sell your creative assets or alternative designs and earn profits in Rupiah! Very excited, right? So, you no longer need to bother looking for manual clients who might reject your creativity. It would be a shame if our work wasn't noticed by clients :(

At HiDimas, you are free to sell any asset (yes, including the alternative designs), starting from fonts, illustrations, photos, design layouts, design brochures, logos, packaging, design prints, vectors and other digital assets. You can upload as much of your creativity as possible and be ready to advance the Indonesian creative economy market.

There are many people who have a lot of creativity but don't understand digital assets yet. They think that assets must be objects. Oops, HiDimas' job is tough too, babes!! But don't worry, with HiDimas, we can prove that now anything can be profitable, including digital works. It would be a shame if it was just a folder on laptop.

So, for those of you who know about digital assets, have creativity but are confused about where to start, don't worry. At HiDimas, you just need to upload your assets, then HiDimas team will review whether your assets are suitable or there is something that needs to be improved.

No need to go all the way abroad where the deduction can be several times. Don't worry at HiDimas the currency used is in Rupiah.

So what are you waiting for? Become part of 1000 contributors now! By selling assets on HiDimas, you can freely determine the price as you wish, which is relevant to the market, it's different from other platforms which have limitations, hihi. We can choose to sell exclusively or sell without limits and users can ask contributors to request edits first, wow, it's really that complete!!


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