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Don't Let Creative Creativity Die by Plagiarism!

Surely you have often heard of cases of plagiarism that occur everywhere, including in the creative industry. It's not just one or two people who feel aggrieved, but many parties involved and even have to involve legal channels. Wow, that's scary!

There was one case where a professional designer saw his work recognized by another designer. Imagine if that happened to your creativity, of course you would feel very angry right?

One of the effects of plagiarism is the reduced confidence of a designer to publish his work. As a result, they are afraid to show their work to the public. In fact, his works are really good and extraordinary.

HiDimas, as a leading creative platform, has taken important steps to protect the copyrights and integrity of designers. We have included strong legal protections in our terms and conditions. This ensures that every asset uploaded on HiDimas is an original work and protects the intellectual property rights of the creator.

We not only play an active role in eradicating designer plagiarism, but also protect the creative rights of designers. With HiDimas, you can confidently publish your original works and get the recognition they deserve.

Have you heard about HiDimas? Let's get to know each other better here.

We will take firm action against those who plagiarize or violate the terms and conditions of HiDimas. Together, let's support and voice honesty and work with integrity. Remember, copyright is very important!

Come on, create your creativity with honesty. Let's build a better creative industry together and eradicate plagiarism with HiDimas! Together we can create a fair and inspiring environment for creative creators.


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